ERP for General Business


By using this ERP solution, you can get all the information of your company like HR, Salary, Assets, Stock, Customer, Invoice, Payment & so on. This ERP solution is very easy to access & easy to maintain. You can get all the information without asking anyone whenever wherever you want to.

Description of product

Central Monitoring System (CMS) is a software which combines the security devices (GPS based motion sensor, door access, fire alarm, gas detector, etc.) and generates alarm whenever any unwanted situation occurs. This solution helps to monitor centrally all the devices from different locations. When there is an alarm because of an undesired situation, it will automatically pop up in the central monitor and provide the exact and specific information in the central office, local office as well as the concern person of the office/house/apartments who owns the device. CMS has been implemented in various developed countries like USA, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Malaysia, India and etc. It has come up with incredible results and benefits. In Bangladesh no such monitoring system has yet been developed and hence providing this kind of solution would be an immense success.

Product Module

  • Dashboard
  • Employee
  • Salary
  • Asset
  • Customer
  • Stock (Inventory)
  • Glass break detector & many more


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